Virat Kohli turns digital super hero

Virat Kohli turns digital super hero

Virat Kohli turns digital super hero: Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment’s  sister concern  CSE, began their operations with the launch of the new generation legend of Indian cricket and a batting revolutionary Virat Kohli who is expected to be the captain of the Indian team once current skipper MS Dhoni hangs his shoes. Kohli’s website, logo and  a 3D Animated Character were launched in Delhi on Monday.

Virat Kohli with his animated character
Virat Kohli turns digital super hero

A press conference was organized to brief the media about the launch in detail attended by Virat.

He has been a super hero for India on the field for quite some time now and now its time for the Delhi lad to become a digital hero.

Virat’s website is an innovative and novel platform for his fans to stay updated about their favorite cricketer. CSE has developed the website around Virat’s personality and sense of style and as a treat for his fans have incorporated unseen candid images and fresh content that will be updated in almost real-time.

The logo selection went through approximately 900 designs by various designers across the world and the final result isa sharp and sporty representation precisely of the ace cricketer. The logo is to be Virat’s unique identity with CSE confirming future plans for a customized merchandise line that will carry the logo.

The 3D Animated Character is a step into unchartered territory for a celebrity in India and was developed by CSE in association with MPC (Motion Pixel Corporation) based in Miami, USA. MPC are renowned for working with global brands successfully. Virat’s 3D Animated Character has two avatars, the cricketer and the superhero. Explaining the thought process behind the3D Animated Character, Jogesh Lulla,Director, New Media , CSE said, “We couldn’t think of anyone more aspirational who could be portrayed as a super hero other than Virat. We believe his 3D Animated Character will increase brand value and extension for our partners and also help Virat and his brands to connect better with children, a rapidly growing and relatively untapped TG via this medium.”

Virat personally took an active part in the planning process of the campaign and his ideas were a major reference point for CSE during the development stage. This campaign is a major step forward for Virat, CSE and Cornerstone and is hopeful to be a trend setter  in the Indian market for others to follow.

Virat has been in a different league of himself and a trendsetter on and off the field. Here as well with a 3D avatar for himself he has opened new horizon for cricketers and fans. So now Virat fans will get to play like him and play with him as a super hero.