Virat Kohli’s lookalike seen serving at Domino’s Pizza

This bloke working at Domino's Pizza could be the greatest doppelganger of Virat Kohli the country has ever seen, without even knowing it

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Virat Kohli might be the heart-throb of every cricket fan in India, and he might create a frenzy in the stands the moment he walks in to bat. Moreover, the skipper of the Indian Cricket Team might have die-hard fans who pattern their looks after him. However, this bloke working at Domino’s Pizza could be the greatest doppelganger of Virat Kohli the country has ever seen, without even knowing it.

Often, you stumble upon celebrity lookalikes on the streets, and spontaneously snap selfies with him or her. The doppelganger, being well aware of the likeness, doesn’t mind smiling for the camera either. All in all, it’s a pleasant moment for everyone involved in the image.


An uncanny resemblance with Virat Kohli

But picture this – a youngster working shifts in a restaurant, who looks exactly like the greatest batsman in the modern cricketing era, and is not the least bothered about it! Or perhaps, he is yet to be established or discovered in the world of lookalikes.

All said and done, this young man lives and breathes Virat Kohli, with details including the twitch of the nose. The uncanny resemblance goes right down the focus in the eyes, even if he is simply dicing onions instead of facing deliveries at 140kmph like the real Kohli does.

Virat Kohli Doing Part Time Job at Domino's Pizza Shaheed-e-Milat.?

Posted by Amiron Ki Baatein on Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Domino’s Kohli might be a bit less muscular, as this man spends much of his time in the kitchen or at the counter, unlike Virat, who frequents the gym to maintain his exceptional fitness. However, if we were to hand him a cricket bat and an India jersey, and set him free in the streets of India, he will certainly attract one heck of a crowd.

Virat Kohli, who’s currently in England leading Team India in the ICC Champions Trophy, will surely think he’s looking into a mirror when he watches this little video clip.