Virender Sehwag’s comeback has left trolls with no option but to accept defeat

Virender Sehwag’s comeback has left trolls with no option but to accept defeat

Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag. (Photo by Pankaj Nangia/India Today Group/Getty Images)

All those messing around on social media should have by now realized it isn’t best advised to mess with Virender Sehwag. The former Indian opener who has been a sensation on Twitter is as good with his words as he was with the cricket bat in hand. Over the last one year or so trolls – the disguised, anonymous mask wearing have tried to take on Sehwag but he has dashed them over most times.

Very recently almost a controversy broke out on Twitter when he congratulated the Indian Blind cricket team after they beat Pakistan in the final of the T20 World Cup for the Blind to successfully defend their title. He had tweeted – “Congratulations to our #OtherMenInBlue on winning the T20 World Cup for the Blind. They have lit up smiles for a billion people.”

The #OtherMenInBlue that he used was highlighted and he was asked questions for it. It grew so much so that reporters also put this ahead of the victorious Indian captain Ajay Kumar Reddy and asked him for his response. “We wear the same blue jersey, represent the same tri-colour and play with equal pride and passion then why term us as ‘other’? It is appreciable that he congratulated us but then we are no others”, he said and added, “We too are the men in blue”. Reddy was quoted by Indian Express.

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After all those who had to say something were done with it Gaurav Pandhi who manages Digital Communications for the Indian National Congress tweeted an article which quoted Reddy and said, “Reddy has a point, @virendersehwag! The team led by Kohli won’t be called ‘other’, right?”

Enough was enough and this was Viru paaji’s response- “@GauravPandhi Better do some research before commenting.But research &media/you don’t go hand in hand.It is their official campaign theme.”

And with that, it is Virender Sehwag 1 | Trolls 0 once again.