Waqar Younis criticizes Justin Langer's idea of appreciating Warner's six off double-bounce ball

Waqar Younis criticizes Justin Langer’s idea of appreciating Warner’s six off double-bounce ball

Younis reckoned that promoting such shots isn't a fair idea.

Waqar Younis and Justin Langer
Waqar Younis and Justin Langer. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

The semi-final match between Pakistan and Australia became a talking aspect for fans due to a lot of reasons and one of them was David Warner hitting a double-bounce ball for a six. Warner went out of his way to play a delivery by Mohammad Hafeez and several experts didn’t appreciate this idea. Many of them even brought in the ‘spirit of cricket’ debate here and former Pakistan skipper Waqar Younis was even not seen in this favour.

Younis criticized the idea of appreciating that shot which came from none other than Australia coach Justin Langer. After the game, Langer stated that it was a brilliant shot and he hasn’t seen any such thing before. ‘Oh my gosh, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in the game of cricket,’ Langer had said earlier.

However, Younis didn’t like the idea and stated that while it is always a batter’s choice to opt for a shot he likes but promoting such kinds of activities isn’t the right thing in any manner. This kind of unsportsmanlike behavior doesn’t send out a good message to the young kids who are playing and watching the game.

“To promote such a thing is absolutely ridiculous. You play how you want to but don’t promote this kind of unsportsmanlike behaviour for the kids who are playing and watching,” said Younis while speaking to A Sports.

I can’t believe anyone would have the instincts to do that: Justin Langer

“I can’t believe anyone would have the instincts to do that — it was unbelievable. In fact, most people probably would’ve been not sure what to do. It was a no-ball, and to have the talent and ability to hit it for six — unbelievable,” Langer had said.

Moving further into the discussion, Younis pointed out that Langer himself has a questionable history while playing the game. He was playing a Test in 1990 against Pakistan and the team was about to win and Langer had edged but didn’t walk away. While everyone heard the sound, he remained to the crease and later accepted that he had edged in the game.