'Was it a plan?' - Harbhajan Singh after knowing about a Korean series in 2018 had predicted Coronavirus outbreak

‘Was it a plan?’ – Harbhajan Singh after knowing about a Korean series in 2018 had predicted Coronavirus outbreak

'My Secret Terrius' is the name of the series which is streamed on Netflix.

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh. (Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images)

Coronavirus pandemic has wrecked havoc across the world. It first affected Wuhan, a city in China before spreading in approximately 198 countries. A debate has been going on with many calling it a ‘Chinese Virus’ even as the World Health Organisation (WHO) has cleared that a virus doesn’t originate from any specific country or religion. However, a Korean series named ‘My Secret Terrius’ predicting the Coronavirus outbreak in 2018 has left many doubting now and even Harbhajan Singh is amongst them.

The series is being streamed on Netflix and has gone viral now after the stunning revelation. During the 10th episode of the season 1 of the series, a doctor could be seen telling that the patient has been infected from Coronavirus. She also reveals that the virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly five minutes after being exposed.

Interestingly, the doctor is also heard saying that there is no cure or vaccine available for the virus at the moment. Harbhajan Singh, after discovering about the same, was livid and took to his official Twitter handle to let his followers know about it. While being shocked, he also questioned if the outbreak was planned beforehand.

“This is crazy . If you are home , go on Netflix now ……. Type “My Secret Terrius” and go to season -1 and episode 10 and move straight to 53 minutes point ! (P.S. this season was made in 2018 and we are in 2020) . This is shocking was it a plan ??” his tweet read.

Here’s his tweet:

Harbhajan Singh waiting for the IPL to commence

Even as the debates continue over Coronavirus outbreak, the doubts of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) happening are raised. India has gone under lockdown until April 15, the date to which it has been deferred. As of now, the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has also cleared that he can’t stay anything and will reassess the situation later.

Harbhajan Singh who is generally seen commentating these days is also waiting for the IPL to begin as he features for the three-time champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the tournament. He would be eager to take the field as IPL is only the marquee tournament he’s been playing over the last couple of years.