Watch: Aamir Kaleem mankad’s Chapman in Asia Cup qualifier

Watch: Aamir Kaleem mankad’s Chapman in Asia Cup qualifier

The cricketing universe was still debating whether mankad is a fair form of dismissal or should the law be scrapped and it reappeared. In the second match of the Asia Cup T20 2016 qualifier between Hong Kong and Oman, left-arm spinner Aamir Kaleem mankaded Mark Chapman.

Kaleem bowling the 9th over of the match was on his way to bowl the penultimate delivery of the over and while in his run-up noticed the batsman was out of his crease. He was just about to enter the delivery stride after which the rule prevents the bowler from mankading, pulled out and instead turned around to break the stumps.

He appealed instantly and the umpire after thinking for a few seconds adjuged the batsman out. Chapman looked seriously dejected. While from the bowler’s point of view the non-striker was not in his limits to cross the crease before he had delivered, the Oman batsman had probably stepped ahead unintentionally. Aamir Kaleem didn’t hesitate for a second and was rather excited at getting the wicket.

The dismissal is expected to fuel the debate even further, which had sparked during the U19 World Cup when West Indies pacer Keemo Paul whipped off the bails in the last over to get the last wicket of Richard Ngarava as Zimbabwe required three runs in the last over with a wicket in hand and this proved to be West Indies team that went on to win their first title’s ticket into the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Watch: Aamir Kaleem mankad’s Chapman in Asia Cup qualifier: