Watch: Ben Stokes uninterested in shaking hands with Bangladesh players

Watch: Ben Stokes uninterested in shaking hands with Bangladesh players

Ben Stokes
England’s Ben Stokes. (Photo by JON SUPER/AFP/Getty Images)

In another unusual turn of events, English all-rounder Ben Stokes was seen ignoring the Bangladesh players. It unfolded during the warm-up match between BCB XI and England. After the match ended in a draw, the players were seen exchanging handshakes. However, one man could be seen in the video ignoring the rest.

Stokes showed no courtesy when a Bangladesh batsman extended his hand for a handshake. Just before the handshakes Stokes pulled his hands back and went to the umpire instead. This left the batsman confused and would have definitely felt absurd at that moment. Without a doubt, the English all-rounder carries his heart on his sleeve.

If the incident was purely coincidental, it is absolutely fine. But if there was any intentional idea behind doing so, then it surely suggests lack of sportsmanship. This is not the first time that Ben Stokes has been involved in a banter on field. Earlier during the ODI series, he was involved in physical altercations with Tamim Iqbal. During the 2nd ODI when the usual handshakes were being done, an ugly spat took center stage. Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal was seen shoulder barging an English player. Stokes did not like the gesture. He stopped Tamim Iqbal and got into an argument with him.

A heated exchange of words followed between the two. Just when the things looked going overboard, Shakib Al Hasan intervened. He never quite got over the incident even after it was over. He took to Twitter to show his disappointment and anger about the incident. He tweeted, “Congrats to Bangladesh on the win tonight, outplayed us, what I won’t stand for is someone putting a shoulder to my teammate at handshakes.”

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The England skipper Jos Buttler later spoke about the same and reiterated that Stokes is an emotional guy. However, he did mention that he wouldn’t do something like that without a reason. He quoted, “Obviously emotions run high, and Ben is an emotional guy, but he would not have reacted like that if nothing had happened.”

Watch: Ben Stokes uninterested in shaking hands with Bangladesh players: