Brilliant footwork gets Dwayne Bravo a wicket

Watch: Brilliant footwork gets Dwayne Bravo a wicket

Brilliant footwork gets Dwayne Bravo a wicket: The fan base that FIFA enjoys around the world sure makes cricket fans every bit jealous by the fact that their favourite game loses out to it on this point. But not everything about FIFA is a loss to cricket, how often do we see cricketers these days make saves on the field with some brilliant foot work. If the sweeping fielder on the ropes feels it will take him too much time to go down to get to the ball he instead uses his feet to keep the ball in play.

Footwork till recent was used only by the batsmen to get into the right position to play a shot. The bowlers use it too, if the batsmen are off for a quick single, instead of picking up the ball and having a go at the stumps they chose to push it with the feet.

Dwayne Bravo did exactly that in the Renegades vs Thunders match, he bowled one into the block hole like Bravo does on most occasions in T20 cricket. The batsman tried his shot but all he could do was prevent the ball from crashing into his stumps, and the ball stayed just there, right in front of the bowler. Hartley the non-striker wanted the strike and was already backing up the shot and got off for the run as soon as the bat hit the ball.

Bravo the street smart cricketer he is and the athleticism in him enabled him to pick up a sprint even after finishing his run-up and making the smarter move Bravo just pushed the ball towards the stumps with his feet ‘footwork’. Hartley was not only running out of crease but out of luck as well, just when he was this close of getting into the returning crease his bat got stuck and dropped short of the line.

The bat fell out of his hand before he could drag it in and meanwhile Dwayne Bravo’s cricketing football hit its goal the stumps. The ignition of the LED’s inside the bells suggested even without a replay that Hartley was caught out of zone and he had to return back into the dugout.

Watch Dwayne Bravo get a wicket with his brilliant footwork.