Watch: David Warner and Rohit Sharma's on-field spat

Watch: David Warner and Rohit Sharma's on-field spat

Watch: David Warner and Rohit Sharma’s on-field spat: Australia have won twice in the two games that they have played and yet their second victory went quite unnoticed. Half by the mindbogglingly, record smacking innings that AB de Villiers played the same evening and other by the on-field spat between Australian opener David Warner and Indian counterpart Rohit after Rohit Sharma almost violated an ‘unwritten rule of cricket’ in the 23rd over. The Indian duo took a quick single off the over throw when the ball looked to have deflected of Sharma’s bat.
As it is known among cricketer’s that a run is not taken if the ball hits any part of the body or bat of the batsman and going for an overthrow.

Warner took the single quite severely and got involved in a verbal banter with Sharma who retaliated. The other Indian batsman Suresh Raina and the on-field umpires John Ward and Kumar Dharmasena had to intervene to cool the temperature down. The issue was noted by the match referee and now David Warner has been fined 50% of his match fees for the same.

The replays show Warner approaching Sharma between overs and telling him to Speak English.

Television replays of the throw later proved that the throw had not taken any deflection, and Warner also admitted that he had been in the wrong in starting it. He said, “When I went over to say something to him, he sort of said something in their language and I said ‘speak English’ because, if you’re going to say something, understand that theoretically I cannot speak Hindi.”

He must have admitted to the fact after being confronted by the match referee as he said,
“I was in the wrong … I shouldn’t have engaged him,”

“I did the polite thing and asked him to speak English, therefore he did and I can’t repeat what he said.”

At the same time Warner, refused to cut down his on-field aggression as he said, “If people get on the wrong side of me, I’m not going to back down. We’re always there to play hard aggressive cricket, but you know what comes with that sometimes you are going to get fined, We’ve just got to keep trying not to cross that line, because we’re all about playing cricket the right way.”

Here is the video footage of the incident