Watch: Disgraceful altercation in a Bermuda club match

Watch: Disgraceful altercation in a Bermuda club match

Watch: Disgraceful altercation in a Bermuda club match: Cricket is a sport which is played with lot of flair and passion and even games at club level are played with lot of intensity. But sometimes the tempers of the players flare up and altercations take place. As a result things get out of control and ugly scenes on the field become inevitable. These incidents disgrace the Gentleman’s game and its glorious traditions.

A similar scene got replicated last week in the final of the Champions of Champions tournament in Bermuda. There took place an ugly fight between Jason Anderson and George O’Brien. They were involved in an intense physical fight as well and it was other players and officials who interrupted and calmed down the things in the middle. But as they say once the damage is done it can’t be reverted and same was the case in this incident as well.

In the video it can be spotted that the wicket-keeper provoked the batsman by physically intimidating him as he hit him on the back of his head. The batsman got very angry and tried to strike the glove-man in return. For sometime things got in control but soon they again picked up a fight and this time it was even more intensified. Players started kicking around and they took each other down on the ground as well.

It was a scene with which cricket would never like to associate itself with. These guys were fighting like some immature school kids. As a result, Bermuda‘s Cleveland County Cricket Club cricketer Jason Anderson, who is regarded as a top-cricketer in the nation was banned for life. Cleveland president Carlton Smith was quoted by The Royal Gazette saying, “The Club would like to thank Mr Anderson for his contributions to the success the club has experienced over the last few years as he has been an integral part of that success. We urge Mr Anderson to seek assistance for his anger issues and the club is willing to help him with these efforts, if he is willing.”

Watch: Disgraceful altercation in a Bermuda club match: