Watch: Haddin sledge Virat Kohli as the saga continues

Watch: Haddin sledge Virat Kohli as the saga continues

Watch: Haddin sledge Virat Kohli as the saga continues: The Boxing Day test match at the MCG was expected to be a cracker as India would have loved to come up and grab a win, while Australia would not mind even a draw. The test match till the 5th day guaranteed all the action with the bat and the ball along with some verbal spats as well. Both the teams have been trying their best to get on the minds, something which could be unsettling and provide them the winning advantage. Virat has been the player scoring the runs and the talking tom for India.

Australians know if they get Virat who is the best batsman in this Indian team, holds the batting together and at the same time is vulnerable. We have seen Virat get nervy when that throw from Johnson hit him and he almost threw away his wicket. He then greeted and saw Johnson off when he was in to bat, that was surely going to get a reaction when he would walk in to bat. And it did, the Aussies knew if they got Kohli early on they could well close in the game.

India three wickets down depended on Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane once again to bail the team out and bat them to safety. The words started to flow once Kohli was in and looked almost a planned move as the strategy to get rid of him. Haddin in this particular incident was quite vocal and sledged Kohli almost clearly on the stumps microphone.

Kohli hit a ball down the ground to the fielder and wanted to take a quick single but his partner MurliVijay was neither looking at him nor did he take his call for that single. Kohli ran half way down the track and had to turn around to get into the crease before the ball did. A wide throw from David Warner saved him but the Aussies got hard at him this time. We can clearly hear Haddin say, ‘There he goes on his team again,’ Kohli looked back at him hearing that.

‘It’s all about you, it’s all about you,’ taunted the Australian wicket-keeper. Walking across the spinner Nathan Lyon did not let the chance miss by and repeated the line, ‘It’s all about him, this one man.’
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