Watch: India’s response to South Africa ‘Mauka’ advertisement

Watch: India’s response to South Africa ‘Mauka’ advertisement

Watch: India’s response to South Africa ‘Mauka’ advertisement: The Star Sports Network is running two parallel campaigns; one is to promote the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 which is the bigger contest and two the smaller duels to draw the attention of the world towards it. Everyone knows India is a cricket crazy country and also has a huge viewer base for the game, so Star Sports has decided to grab this market and so here we see the second campaign after the India Pakistan game it’s time to focus on India vs South Africa. And thus came the ‘Mauka’ advertisement, it was hurting for an Indian fan and so here is how they respond to it.

When pushed to the wall, people tend to do well and sometimes also exploit the opponents weak link. The fact that India have never beaten South Africa in a world cup game remains intact but at the same time the other team too has a tag on themselves of being ‘Chockers’.

As we see in this video three Indian guys have a couple of Protea guests and they hand them the now famous ‘box of crackers’ singing the jingle ‘Mauka, Mauka’ meanwhile. And as they turn over to walk back laughing the prepared Indian cricket fan whistles up to them asking to turn over and then show them the most valuable images in Indian cricket.

First image is of the great Kapil Dev lifting their first ever world cup trophy in 1983, the second frame has the team of 2011 celebrating the joy as they were handed over the ICC World Cup 2011 trophy and in the third photograph is that of the Indian captain MS Dhoni with his beloved world cup winners’ trophy.

To India’s delight and South Africa’s embarrassment though they have been better against the former but, could never actually win a major ICC tournament and thus comes the Chockers tag. No doubt they are a formidable team this time round as well but, we will have to wait for the 23rd of February when the team actually fight it out and we have a clear winner.

Video Credit: Be YouNick