Watch: Irfan Pathan makes the morning awesome for joggers

The ICC T20 World Cup 2016 is just around the corner and the buzz and excitement for it has already begun to spread. Automobile giants Nissan launched a promo for the upcoming mega event.

The promo begins with a normal sight of joggers running, stretching and exercising on a bright sunny morning. But, suddenly two old guys enter and remove their sweatshirt, pull out the round cap from the bag and turn into an umpire with a ball in the hand. Dressed in the umpire’s attire the both look around as the matting wicket gets rolled down in the middle of the park.


People are surprised with the sudden unusual setting taking place in the park out nowhere. But, more surprises are yet to come as two hosts appear with their mic.

“It’s gonna be a amazing morning,” he announces.

The umpires call out people and start asking whether who would like to play cricket. A batsman was needed first of all. Hands slowly start coming up and people are padded up for their task.

Now comes the turn of finding a bowler for them. The umpires and hosts call out again. Nobody seems to be interested in the work except a guy in the hood wearing a cap. Looks like a normal passerby. The umpires call him up. He walks in the slowly towards the host and there’s the surprise- it’s Irfan Pathan!

The hosts cannot believe and people were awestruck. Now, there is not going to be any balls flying out of the park as it was Irfan Pathan who was going to bowl at them.

Pathan is ready with the ball in no time. A lucky lady is the first batter to face Pathan. ‘Lucky’ because she was batting for the first time in her life and not everyone gets to bat against Irfan Pathan at that moment.

A couple of deliveries to and the smiling lady manages to play some good shots. As boys come in, the yorkers and away swingers welcome them.

The play ends and Pathan autographed goodies for the participants. In the end, Irfan Pathan had something to say about the lady, though, “She gonna post about how she hit me nice cover drive for four.”

Watch: Irfan Pathan makes the morning awesome for joggers: