Watch: Irfan Pathan swing his way back into Ranji Trophy

Watch: Irfan Pathan swing his way back into Ranji Trophy

Watch: Irfan Pathan swing his way back into Ranji Trophy: If you are Irfan Pathan the one question that everyone a fan or a critic has for you is what happened to your swing? And rightly so from the memory vault if you pull out images of Irfan Pathan they come along with the beautiful cherry in his hands. A stable, ready to propel missile and once out of his hands would draw a banana figure in the air. That was how much his ball swung, making the best in the business struggle.

Then came a phase when it deviated enough to pitch right onto the bat, it was gone, evaporated like acetone left in open, with it was the charm. But not the fighter inside Irfan, determined to not only earn his place back into the Indian cricket team but also the reputation of being a mega swing bowler. His biggest asset was to move the ball both ways with very little change in his seam position made it well disguised.

He had his share of injuries to blame from an altered action, shortened run-up it all went away from him. Made a comeback into the team with his determination but luck eluded him when it mattered the most and even with impressive performances Irfan remained unavailable for selection.

But come mid-2014 and the younger Pathan promised his fans that he would be back, though nursing an injury then looked confident of making a mark once he comes back to play in the Ranji Trophy for Baroda. So did he, since he joined his home team this season, it has seen a complete turnaround in their performance with him starring in the change.

Irfan has played 5 matches and picked up 14 wickets , the best performance being 3/47 along with it he has also piled up 213 runs with the bat which includes his best innings of 98 and those were crucial runs for Baroda. But, what is the highlight is that the ball is SWINGING. Yes, one can see the zip in his run-up, the flow of his action, the stability of the seam and the control over the movement,it is all there.

He is not only swinging it into the right hander and away from the left handers but also able to take it away from the right-handed batsmen and bring it back into the south paws. It was the real test, the deliveries which needs him to be perfect with his wrist position, the seam needs to land exactly like it should and it is happening.

Here is a sample video, with some of his deliveries that swung wickets in his favor as well. It’s a compilation of most of his wickets in this Season of the Ranji Trophy.

Watch: Irfan Pathan swing his way back into Ranji Trophy