• Watch: Ishant Sharma and Matt Renshaw get involved in heated battle with the former coming out on top

    Ishant Sharma India
    Ishant Sharma. (Photo Source: BCCI)

    The Indians find themselves in a dictatorial position on the final day of the 3rd Test at Ranchi. The Australians managed to put only 83 runs on the board but lost 4 important wickets as the two teams went for the lunch break. With luck on their side, the hosts did what they failed to do in the first inning when they successfully got the wicket of Steve Smith for a low score.

    The Australian skipper misjudged a Ravindra Jadeja delivery which went on to knock down his off stump. Apart from the wicket of Smith, which was of paramount importance, the final day also saw a few other thrilling actions. Indian spearhead Ishant Sharma caught much attention when he bowled the 28th over.

    The tall fast bowler was stopped by Australian youngster Matt Renshaw who moved away from the crease just when Ishant was about to deliver the ball. The reason obviously being some problem around the sight screen. Ishant was quick to express his frustration on the field following the incident as he flew the ball away towards the keeper.

    Captain Virat Kohli was confronted by the umpires and was asked to keep his speedster under control. Renshaw successfully dealt with the next two deliveries one of which kept very low and the other bounced a bit higher than his expectation.

    The lanky pacer got the better of the left-handed Aussie on the fifth delivery as Renshaw was hit on the pads off a ball which kept low again. The umpire raised his finger pointing the batsman that he was out.

    It can be said that the heated exchange between the bowler and the batsman after the incident at the start of the over, fired up Ishant to bag this wicket. He ran in with more intensity for his next few deliveries and successfully sent Renshaw back to the pavilion.

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