Watch: Rare form of getting out Jos Buttler out Mankading

Watch: Rare form of getting out Jos Buttler out Mankading

Jos Buttler found himself a rare way one can find to get out. While playing the 5th ODI between England and Sri Lanka Buttler got carried away with the moment and got out Mankading

This is one of the rarest forms of wicket in cricket history as there were only 4 previous incidents. Mankading is the term defined in the books of cricket for the type when a bowler in his stride of bowling before starting his bowling action finds a batsman out of his crease backing too much. The bowler can run the batsman out and is called Mankading.

Senanayake in similar situation had Buttler over excited and out of his crease. In the midst of his run up before the actual bowling action and took the bails off. As the bowler appealed and the non-striker was well out of his crease the umpire had to give this one out.

Though on many previous occasions bowlers have gone to the extent of warning the non-striker. Recent incident I remember s R Ashwin taking the bails off with batsman not in the crease. But skipper in the match Virender Sehwag dropped the appeal showing kind, sporty gesture.

One might call this out of spirit but in a competitive game of cricket with all rules followed every thing is fair.