Watch: Rikki Clarke pulls off a stunning catch to dismiss McKenzie

The inauguration of the Masters Champions League (MCL) has been a revelation. The chance to get to watch the players of yesteryear put up brilliant performances once again is nothing short of extraordinary. In a tournament comprising of retired players, good fielding is certainly a rarity. Comfortable catches and easy boundaries have been conceded as the old souls have failed to replicate their fielding prowess.

However, former England international Rikki Clarke’s catch set the standard in the MCL. Playing against the Virgo Super Kings, the Commanders impressed with some tight bowling. Abdul Razzaq, Rikki Clarke and Ben Laughlin succeeded in keeping the scoring rate low. The turning point of the match, for most was the dismissal of Virgo skipper Neil McKenzie.


While being an important wicket, the nature of the dismissal was something of a miracle. Ben Laughlin, one of the milder players in the side banged the ball in short. Not expecting it to be as fast as it was, McKenzie skied the ball towards mid-wicket. With two fielders converging to make the catch, Rikki Clarke seemed favourite to make the catch.

Sliding on his right knee, the 34-year-old former England all-rounder completed the catch with his right hand. The catch not only saw the dangerous South African sent back to the pavilion but also ensured that the Virgo innings folded up for 131.

The Commanders, however, lost the match after being reduced to 119/9 in their 20 overs. The Rikki Clarke catch, however, will be etched in the minds of all present at Dubai.

Watch: Rikki Clarke pulls off a stunning catch to dismiss McKenzie: