Watch: Shoaib Akhtar gets a freak wicket with a short run up

Watch: Shoaib Akhtar gets a freak wicket with a short run up

Watch: Shoaib Akhtar gets a freak wicket with a short run up: Fast bowlers are associated with being big, strong, and aggressive; someone who runs in hard at the batsmen to either blow him away or bowled him off. Shoaib Akhtar is that band of cricketer who fits in to the description. Imagine how would it look like watching him run in gracefully and then deliver the ball? Will it be less effective? No! Even with a cut down- short run up Shoaib made this freak dismissal, the batsman left the ball all alone and his stumps were disturbed.

Some fast bowlers take their run up from into the advertisements, quarter away to the boundary line but very few manage to generate some serious pace. Shoaib took a huge run-up as well but, his balls were fiery, sometimes at bullet speed. Batsmen would find it quite a task even to sight the ball at times.
“Rawalpindi Express” as he is known worldwide for his furious bowling, has shown yet another example of his class in this video. The ability of Shoaib Akhtar is very well known as he could rack up express pace out of his whippy action and scared the best batsmen with his 150kmph deliveries.

Here in this video Shoaib Akhtar decides to have a short run up to bowl to New Zealand’s wicket keeper batsman Parore. Adam Parore has just come in to bat after New Zealand lost their fifth wicket.
Despite losing a wicket New Zealand are in a comfortable position and are getting close towards victory. They require just 34 runs from 45 balls to win. Shoaib Akhtar has just started the 42nd over. He decides to bowl with comparatively shorter run up than usual. Akhtar approaches the bowling mark slowly, barely takes ten strides as he comes in to bowl to Adam Parore.
What happened next is truly amazing sight for a cricket fan.

The ball is pitched just short of good length at decent pace, after pitching it nips back in sharply into the batsman. Adam Parore misreads the line of the ball and shoulder armed the ball. Neither the short run up nor the casual approach had any effect on the control, genuineness and speed of the ball. In spite of these factors he delivered it at speed of around 134 kmph, which is usually the average speed for most of the other bowlers.

It was a very embarrassing situation for Parore, as he totally misjudged the line ball and got out in a least expected manner. It was naturally an amazing sight for a fast bowler as Akhtar and his teammates celebrated his wicket. It was truly a display of his mastery, for the way he pitched it and the seam moment that was generated off the wicket.