Virat Kohli royally confused by ridiculous question from a reporter

Virat Kohli royally confused by ridiculous question from a reporter

Kohli couldn't figure out head or tail of what the reporter meant and questioned the sensibility of the query.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli, Captain of India. (Photo by Harry Trump-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

India may have sunk against Pakistan in the all-important final of the ICC Champions Trophy on Sunday, but Virat Kohli was gracious as usual. He appreciated the effort by the Pakistan team and congratulated them for being deserved winners. Meanwhile, Kohli also conceded that India were outplayed in all departments of the game, but said that the team would leave England with their heads held high following a clinical performance up until the final.

The Champions Trophy may have ended on a solemn note for Indian fans in particular. Nevertheless, press conferences generally offer both listeners as well as the ones being questioned several reasons to laugh. Ask Sarfraz Ahmed.

Sensibility out of the window!

While many asked Virat about a post-mortem of their dismal performance in the final, one particular reporter thought he’d try to be creative. He stirred up quite a scene in the press conference with one of the most bizarre questions you’ll ever come across. Kohli was left royally confused when a reporter asked him about Fakhar Zaman’s wicket off a no-ball.

During the game, Jasprit Bumrah dismissed centurion Fakhar Zaman while he was on 3. However, Bumrah had overstepped, thus providing the batsman with another life. The reporter narrated the entire scenario, and then followed it up by asking whether Kohli felt there was any pleasant moment in the match.

Visibly perplexed by the question, the Indian captain asked the reporter as to for whom did he think the pleasant moment was. He then retorted back by saying how a no-ball could ever be a moment for anyone to rejoice.

The reporter responded by saying that the team had got a wicket, which led to further confusion. Kohli, who couldn’t figure out head or tail of what the reporter meant, questioned the sensibility of the query before moving on to answer questions of other media personalities present in the conference.

Watch the video of the PC here

Here’s the entire transcript of the hilarious interaction:

Q: Winning the toss and wicket off the no ball, did you feel any pleasant moment in this match?

Kohli: Any what?

Q: Pleasant moment. You won the toss and got a wicket on the no ball. Did you have any other pleasant moments in this match?

Kohli: For who?

Q: For You

Kohli: How can no ball be pleasant for me?

Q: Because you got the wicket

Kohli: Was that even sensible? I don’t know what is happening?