We have scrutinized the Bangladesh team performers: Ashton Agar

"We want to implement rightly what is in our hand,” conceded Agar.

Ashton Agar
Ashton Agar(© Getty Images)

Young Australian spinner Ashton Agar is all geared up for the Bangladesh challenge. Team Australia has arrived in Bangladesh for the 2-match Test series commencing on August 27. Much against all expectations, the Australian selectors opted to send a full strength side to Bangladesh. This move can well be seen as a repercussion of Australia’s poor run in the subcontinent in the recent times.

During their most recent visit to an Asian nation, they were beaten 2-1 by team India earlier this year. The squad that is onboard for the Bangladesh tour is predominantly the same as the one that toured India. One key change is the inclusion of Ashton Agar at the expense of Steve O’Keefe.


O’Keefe had a decent time in India and Agar will have the onus on him now to perform better. As per the recent quotes in, Agar noted that it would be tough to bowl to left handed batsmen. However, the aggressive nature of the opposition top order could work in his favor, he opined.

“Left handed Bangladeshi batsmen will bat against left handed spinners; it would be tough job for me as a left handed spinner. But they are generally aggressive in nature. Aggressiveness often leads to falling of wickets easily. So I think it might assist us,” quoted Ashton Agar.

On the Aussie plans

Commenting on the plans that the visitors have been working on, Agar conceded that they deciphered the strengths of the key performers of the opposition side. However, he maintained that they are keen on working on their own strengths rather than thinking too much about the opposition.

“There are several team meetings held so far. We are giving more attentions to ourselves; we are thinking of our own skills, how we could defeat Bangladesh. We have scrutinized the home team performers, what we want to do in the field. We want to implement rightly what is in our hand,” conceded Agar.