Will we have cricket in the 2026 Asian Games?

Will we have cricket in the 2026 Asian Games?

Cricket is also likely to feature in the 2028 Olympic Games according to reports.

Indian team
Indian team. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

An International Cricket Council (ICC) official has revealed that cricket might be included in the list of sports for the 2026 Asian Games hosted by Aichi Nagoya. Although there is no confirmation of any sorts regarding this piece of information, the ICC official in question took to social media to share the fact that the organization have been in talks to discuss whether cricket can be included in the 2026 Asian Games.

Aichi Nagoya in Japan will host the 20th edition of the Asian Games in 2026. However, the 2022 Games which have been awarded to the Chinese city of Hangzhou will not feature cricket. The ICC is currently in talks with authorities in Japan to see whether they can accommodate cricket come 2026, and are also looking at prospective venues.

Who’s been speaking to whom?

William Glenwright, head of Global Development for the ICC, was the one who hinted at the possibility of having cricket in the 2026 Asian Games. He tweeted, “An interesting few days with @CricketJapan and jslivesey in Nagoya meeting with Aichi Prefecture to discuss cricket’s inclusion in the 2026 Asia Games and JCA’s cricket towns Program. Next stop: Sano.”

The possibility of cricket featuring in the Olympic Games in both 2020 as well as 2024 remains bleak. However, according to reports, 2028 might see the sport’s inclusion into the Olympics. In such a case where the 2026 Asiad features cricket, the likelihood of the 2028 Los Angles Games having cricket will increase significantly.

However, the BCCI‘s stand on the sport’s inclusion will be key to whether cricket is indeed played at any of these events. The BCCI is the most powerful body among cricket-playing nations, and their support will be vital for the sport to be cleared. As far as the ICC is concerned, most officials want cricket to be included in the 2026 Asian Games. The ICC would also like to see cricket being played at the Olympics.

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