I will try to dominate with my bat: Suresh Raina

"Sometimes you need to play the waiting game" - Suresh Raina.

Suresh Raina
Suresh Raina. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

Suresh Raina is one of the best fielders India have produced. He has been an outstanding performer for India and is a match-winner when it comes to limited overs cricket. An integral member of the squad in the Dhoni-era now ousted from the central contracts as well, Raina has surely been away from cricket.

There were some quotes from an Uttar Pradesh coach that Raina is now focusing on his family and their business and will be away from cricket but those have been rubbished by the man himself now. He said that he was down with a viral infection and chicken pox and was not able to train. Apparently, his infections were passed onto his little daughter Gracia and he had to run her to the hospital and take care of the household things for a bit.


“I had informed my state selectors and BCCI. And I had to pull out after playing few Ranji games and Duleep. If I don’t take care of my young daughter or get some work done at home, who will?It was a testing couple of months, and I had to miss out on cricket but circumstances were such – my health and my daughter’s. If that leads to criticism, then what can I say?” said Raina while getting personal with Indian Express.

Raina was asked some serious questions by the Indian Express. When questioned about playing for himself from now on he said that there is no bitterness and people need to introspect as it is easy for them to talk and make a headline. He also went on to clarify the fact that he has always played for the team and always will.

“Definitely. There is no bitterness. The people who say stuff also need to look at themselves in the mirror. My attitude will remain the same. I will try to dominate with my bat, and spread positive vibes while on the field. I always play for the team and I am not now suddenly going to start playing for myself,” said Raina.

He said that IPL team is like a family for one and a half months and if you think of others then good things happen to you. The southpaw said, “You can’t focus too much on yourself. You have to look after your team, strategise in preparation. Also, you need to look out for younger cricketers – help the team bond, give time to them. It’s like a family for one and half months. It will be all for the best. When you think good about others, good things happen to you.”

Raina was dropped from the central contracts by the BCCI and it came as a surprise to Raina as well. He said that if you have played for India in the last six months then you will remain in the contract under the C grade.

He said, “As far as BCCI contracts, my understanding is that if in the last six months you had played for India, you would at least be slotted in the C group. And I had played in T20 game. So I don’t know what happened. I don’t know whether they have changed their rules. Anyway, my focus is to get back to playing for India.”

He also stated the fact that you have to perform well to stay in the contract and players have come in and have done their job for India. Saying one needs to assess the situation well, Raina added that he is going to do the same.

“I know when other players came in and did well for India. As a cricketer, that’s how it goes. You need to get back on weight of runs and I know that. Sometimes you need to play the waiting game, assess the situation and keep fighting, performing. I will do that,” explained Raina.