World Cup 2015: What do teams need to Qualify for Quarter finals

World Cup 2015: What do teams need to Qualify for Quarter finals

World Cup 2015: What do teams need to Qualify for Quarter finals: Halfway into the world cup group stage, a huge amount of runs scored, records broken, wickets taken, sixes hit, boundaries scored, catches taken, run-outs made; some teams performed exceptionally well and some teams were not up to their potential. Most of the teams and their fan are now more worried about the qualification into the next round; the knock-out stage.

Many would have believed that the Top 8 teams would easily qualify for the quarter-finals but respectable displays from Bangladesh and some Associate nations have made it tough for teams like England, Pakistan and West Indies for their respective berths which does not only makes the game interesting but is also tension-full for the teams and fans. As a fan of a specific team, you would have taken out your record books and calculators and must have dipped your heads deep in calculations.

Good News for you that we have made that easy for you! Here is the CricTracker’s guide book to what should teams do to qualify for the quarter-finals?

Group A

Here is what the present rankings look like in Group A:

1 NEW ZEALAND 4 4 0 0 0 8 +3.589
2 SRI LANKA 4 3 1 0 0 6 +0.128
3 AUSTRALIA 4 2 1 0 1 5 +1.804
4 BANGLADESH 4 2 1 0 1 5 +0.182
5 ENGLAND 4 1 3 0 0 2 -1.201
6 AFGHANISTAN 4 1 3 0 0 2 -1.953
7 SCOTLAND 4 0 4 0 0 0 -1.423

New Zealand

New Zealand stand clear leaders with 4 wins in 4 games and have a challenge of Afghanistan and Bangladesh in their remaining group matches. Given their Net Run-Rate and current position, New Zealand have already qualified into the quarter-finals even if one or two of their opposition record an upset.

Easiest Route to QFs: Sit back and relax! You will qualify any way.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka currently rank second in their group with 3 wins from 4 games. They have to face Australia and Scotland in the coming games. One win from the two matches, most probably against Scotland, will do enough for Sri Lanka to qualify. If however, they lose both of their remaining matches, Sri Lanka still has a better chance to qualify because of their better record and wins than their potential competitors Bangladesh and England.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win one of the remaining two.


Ranked 3rd with 5 points from 4 games, Australia face Sri Lanka and Scotland next. Two more wins or at least a single win will guarantee them their berth in the QFs. If for example, they lost both of their games and England wins both of their games and Bangladesh wins two from their 3 or wins one at least and ties another; Australia may see themselves go out from the first round of the tournament.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win one of the remaining two.


Wins against Afghanistan and Scotland and a rain-hit draw against the Aussies puts Bangladesh 4th in their group with 5 points. They have England and New Zealand to face next. England is the only team that stands between them and the quarter-finals and fortunately they have their fate in their own hands. A win or even a draw against England will put them through to the next stage.

Easiest Route to QFs :Beat or at least Tie against England on March 9


England is in the weakest position of the top teams. Just a single win from 4 games means that they now have to win all of their remaining games and hope that Bangladesh loses against New Zealand too.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win both of their matches. Hope for Bangladesh to lose 1 of their remaining 2 matches.


A win against Scotland and three defeats including a record-heaviest defeat to Australia. They face New Zealand and England next. They will need to win both and win with huge margins. And then hope Bangladesh doesn’t wins any more matches.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win both of their remaining games with huge margin and then hope Bangladesh doesn’t wins more than 1 game.


Scotland are yet to get off the mark in this or any world cup. 12 losses in 12 games across all world cups including 4 in 4 this world cup. Unfortunately for their fans, this knocks them out of this year’s world cup. Better luck next time!

Author’s Prediction: New Zealand, Australia and Sri Lanka will be the confirmed entries from Group A. Match between Bangladesh and England on March 9 will decide the 4th qualifier from this group. The winner will most probably qualify.

Group B

Here is what the present rankings look like in Group A:

1 INDIA 3 3 0 0 0 6 +2.630
2 SOUTH AFRICA 4 3 1 0 0 6 +1.950
3 WEST INDIES 4 2 2 0 0 4 -0.313
4 PAKISTAN 4 2 2 0 0 4 -0.385
5 IRELAND 3 2 1 0 0 4 -1.137
6 ZIMBABWE 4 1 3 0 0 2 -0.723
7 UAE 4 0 4 0 0 0 -1.691

*Last updated after AUSTRALIA vs AFGHANISTAN game.


India lead the Group B with 3 wins in 3 games. West Indies, Ireland and Zimbabwe will be their next opponents. A single win against anyone of them will confirm their place in the knock-out stage.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win any one of their three games.

South Africa

Proteas stand second in their table with 3 wins from 4 games and have Pakistan and United Arab Emirates to face next. They will too need a single win from their remaining matches to qualify.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win any of the two remaining games.

West Indies

West Indies stand at number 3 in their group with just decimal points separating them from Pakistan.  They face India and United Arab Emirates next and may need to beat both to easily qualify for the next stage. However if they get beaten by India then, they will have to defeat UAE with much heavier margin to overtake chasing Pakistan and/or Ireland on Net Run Rate.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win both of the remaining games.


Pakistan started off poor and then regained confidence to defeat Zimbabwe and UAE. They will have to face South Africa and Ireland next and must beat them both to make a reserved entry into the knock-out stage. Assuming that they lost to SA, Pakistan would have to beat Ireland with enough margin to overtake them on NRR, assuming that Ireland had beaten one from India and Zimbabwe. If however, Ireland failed to defeat India and/or Zimbabwe then they will only require a simple win to qualify for the Knock-outs.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win both of the remaining games.


Ireland stand 5th with 2 wins from 3 games and still face a challenge from Zimbabwe, India and Pakistan. They need to beat 2 of their remaining opponents to confirm their berth in the knock-outs or hope that India beat West Indies and West Indies then beat UAE with a smaller margin; a ‘good’ win against Zimbabwe then will take them ahead of WI in NRR.

Another possibility is that Pakistan losses against South Africa, then they will have a ‘do or die’ like chance against Pakistan in their final game, even if they lose against India and Zimbabwe.

Easiest Route to QFs: Win any 2 of their remaining 3 games.


Zimbabwe must beat Ireland and India with huge margins to get a real chance of qualifying into the next round of the world cup. Otherwise, a defeat or even simple wins would not do any good for their cause.

Easiest Route to QFs: Beat Ireland and India with huge enough margins to overtake Pakistan, Ireland and West Indies in NRR.

United Arab Emirates

Unfortunately UAE has already been eliminated with no wins from 4 games and there is no way that they could be adjusted for a place into the quarter-finals.

Author’s Predictions: India and South Africa will be the confirmed entrants from this group. The final match of the group stage between Ireland and Pakistan will decide which two from Ireland, Pakistan and West Indies will qualify for the knock-outs.

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