World Cup 2019: Team-wise best and under-par fielders in tournament

Modern-day fielding has been transformed when it comes to fielders giving it their all on the field.


Best Fielder — Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Rashid Khan may be hailed as one of the best leg-spinners in short formats of the game and can also tonk the ball to all parts of the ground easily, but one aspect of his game is often overlooked and that is his fielding. hence, Rashid is an absolute “three-dimensional player”. Khan is one of the best outfielders in the business today being a livewire on the boundary.

Many remember his sliding saves and his amazing one-handed catch in IPL 2018, which was part of that year’s highlight reel. Despite his shorter height, his throws from the deep are pinpoint accurate and he has shown many times what he can do in the field during his appearances in various T20 leagues.

Under-par Fielder — Hamid Hassan

Hamid Hassan
Hamid Hassan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Hamid Hassan will feature in his second ICC event and his career has been plagued with injuries have been detrimental to a point that he was out of the team for three years before this call-up. The injuries had an effect on his fielding as well since his weak knees have made it hard for him to run fast in the outfield and almost impossible to slide or dive. Admitting his drawbacks, Hassan has announced retirement from ODI cricket after the tournament.  


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