Young cricketer killed by teammates in Bangalore over impressive performance

21-year-old Shubham Gouthaman from Tamil Nadu was a promising fast bowler, who was killed by his teammates ahead of a tournament.

Cricket stumps, bat and ball
(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Jealousy can make human beings stoop to the lowest levels, but this incident in Bangalore seems to have hit rock bottom. A young cricketer was killed by his jealous teammates simply because he was a better player. 21-year-old Shubham Gouthaman from Tamil Nadu was a promising fast bowler. He pursued his studies in Hubli, a town on the outskirts of Karnataka.

However, his interest towards the sport prodded him to take part in a tournament in Bangalore. Shubham, therefore, tagged along with two of his teammates, one being the son of an MLA. The three boarded a private bus headed towards Bangalore. However, Shubham’s friends were well aware of the fact that he was a brilliant cricketer. Jealousy took over, and the two decided to kill the youngster.


Politician plays dirty 

According to reports by the Indian Express, Shubham was killed while he was having his meal. In spite of having murdered Shubham Gouthamam, his teammates admitted him to Davangiri hospital. They were assisted by the MLA (the father of one of the two boys), and they made sure the autopsy was completed before Shubham’s parents arrived. The politician then pulled strings in order to get the post-mortem report tampered, and save his son from any possible trouble.

The scene then got nastier – the two boys left the deceased Shubham in the hospital and went ahead to partake in the tournament in which they wished they play.

Jealousy and cruelty resulted in the loss of an innocent life. Surprisingly, no media person has paid heed to this story. #JusticeForShubham has been trending on social media and those who are aware of the story have been posting demanding justice for the boy. It will now be interesting to see if the authorities come into action and take the required steps.