Zaheer Khan feels his wife Sagarika understands cricket better now

Zaheer is thankful that he didn’t meet his partner when he was at the peak of his playing days.

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge
Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge. (Photo Source: Twitter)

She was India’s ‘reel hockey star’ and she married one of India’s real cricket stars. Nine months since they got married in November 2017, the cricketer feels that his wife has a better understanding of the game that he played. Yes, we are speaking of former Indian pace bowler Zaheer Khan and his actress wife Sagarika Ghatge who played a hockey player in the Block Buster movie ‘Chak De! India’.

Khan, who retired from international cricket in 2015, had no idea that he would marry ‘Preeti Sabharwal’ from that famous women’s squad that would go on to win the World Cup under the tutelage of ‘Kabir Khan’ played by Shah Rukh Khan. But now, Zaheer, who liked the actor’s ‘sattar minute’ speech in the film, is a husband convinced about his wife’s grown knowledge of cricket.


Sagarika is better equipped now

“Maybe now, if I watch it, I will pay more attention to what my wife was doing in it,” Zak was quoted in a report in When asked whether Ghatge now understands cricket’s details, he said: “Yes, she does, especially after watching a full season of IPL with me [playing]. So Sagarika is better equipped now. Also, when I meet my friends, we all ultimately end up talking about cricket, so she has no escape route (smiles).”

Zaheer, 39, is however thankful that he didn’t meet his partner when he was at the peak of his playing days.

“She would have kind of sacrificed quite a lot [if she had been in my life at that point], and I am talking about time. Back then, I wouldn’t have had enough time, because fast bowling is not an easy job. To stay fit and be at the top level – as a fast bowler – in a fine-tuned manner has its share of challenges, and that’s not easy to deal with at times.” the former Indian cricketer added.

Incidentally, in the film, Chak De India ‘Preeti Sabharwal’ had a fiance who was a reputed national cricketer and discouraged her to continue with her hockey stating the obvious popularity of cricket in the country.

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