Zotani Oscar- The main man behind Bancroft's exposure

Zotani Oscar- The main man behind Bancroft’s exposure

Cameron Bancroft was involved in the act of ball-tampering

Zotani Oscar
Zotani Oscar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

When a movie hits the silver-screens, the actors get accolades for their stupendous role and grab a chunk of the headlines. However, the men behind the scenes- the scriptwriter and the director rarely get appreciated for their dedication and hard work. The same applies to every sport, including the game of cricket where the spotlight is always on the players on the pitch.

In cricket, the cameramen have a major role to play and they are the main reasons why the audiences are treated to entertainment on their TV screens. Meanwhile, they also help in revealing crucial happening surrounding the game. Zotani Oscar, a leading cameraman from a South African TV channel, gave brought forth a revelation which has created a buzz in the cricketing fraternity.

The masterclass by Oscar

His attributes with the camera helped in revealing the ball-tampering act by Cameron Bancroft during the ongoing Test between South Africa and Australia. During the game, Bancroft was seen hiding a sandpaper inside his underpants, which couldn’t evade the camera-work of Zotani Oscar. The video footage also revealed Darren Lehmann’s involvement in the matter.

Meanwhile, Steve Smith, in a post-match conference accepted the horrendous crime and has also revealed his knowledge about the incident beforehand. Subsequently, they have been greeted with a  severe amount of criticisms from every nook and corner of the world. Cricketers from around the globe have also opined on the issue and questioned the antics by the Aussies.

Meanwhile, few fans of England team have mentioned that the occurrence of the incident during the recently concluded Ashes as well. However, due to lack of enough evidence, the Aussies got away. Channel 9 was the telecast partner of the Test series between Australia and England. Meanwhile, Zotani Oscar has pulled off an Oscaresque performance with his skills behind the camera.