14 Legends who did not win the IPL trophy

14 Legends who did not win the IPL trophy: Cricket is a team game. No matter how talented and exceptional you maybe you cannot succeed if your team-mates don’t provide ample support. As we all know the IPL is an eminent, widely followed million dollar league in which a lot of legends of the game have taken part. Some have been really very unfortunate to not have won the league despite their great skill and talent.

Here is our list of 14 Legends who did not win the IPL trophy.

1. Glenn McGrath:

Glenn McGrath DD
Glenn McGrath DD .(© Getty Images)

The Australian pace-bowling legend is a three time world cup winner. But he didn’t have the same luck with the IPL. McGrath represented the Delhi Daredevils team and was one of the most economical bowlers in the first season, but unfortunately his team couldn’t win the title.


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