15 Tragic deaths on the cricket field

15 Tragic deaths on the cricket field

15 Tragic deaths on the cricket field: The game which gives so many in the world a career, joy to its fans and talking points to the experts and yet a game with the danger of loosing one’s life. Cricket has witnesses many tragedies but the one’s we are going to mention will absolutely melt you. While Cricket is a relatively safe sport when compared with motor and contact sports, any elite sport carries significant risks.

Earlier fatal injuries were being justified as a lack of safety equipments but the recent death of Phil Hughes, promising Australian cricketer has shown that there is no guarantee even with those. The cricket ball, substantially hard, has killed several cricket players, even umpires.

Here we are mentioning 15 Tragic deaths on the cricket field:

1. Zulfiqar Bhatti, 22 (Pakistan, 2013)


Promising young Pakistani cricketer, Zulfiqar Bhatti died after being hit on the chest by a rising ball. Bhatti, 22, was batting at his usual one down position for his local club “Super Star cricket club”, when the tragedy occurred. The authorities, as a mark of respect for the popular cricketer, announced a three-day suspension of all sporting activities in Sukkur, the third largest city in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

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