5 Batsmen who can break Brian Lara's 400-run record in Tests

5 Batsmen who can break Brian Lara’s 400-run record in Tests

There have been quite a few triple tons but no one has really threatened to break that 400-run record.

Brian Lara
Brian Lara. (Photo Source: Twitter)

400 is a significant number in cricket. There are multiple milestones in cricket and for most of those, there are multiple players who’ve got there. But there is one that only one cricketer has ever got too and that is a Test 400.

When Brian Lara got to that mark in 2004, it became a benchmark. Charles Bannerman, Billy Murdoch and Andy Sandham were the first ones to reach the 100, 200 and 300 marks but they had people emulating them all the time. However, it’s been almost 16 years and nobody has even come close to that 400-mark. There have been quite a few triple tons but no one has really threatened to break that 400-run record. But there are certain batsmen in the modern era who can challenge that record.

Here are five batsmen who can hit 400 in Test cricket:

1. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma (Photo Source: Twitter)

A few months ago, there was no chance of Rohit Sharma even featuring anywhere close to this list. His Test career was going nowhere and he was constantly in and out of the side as well. Moreover, inconsistency didn’t help his cause either.

However, India’s opening woes meant that they tried Rohit at the top of the order and the move worked wonders. The Mumbai batsman smashed three tons, including a double hundred against South Africa to announce himself as a Test opener. He was cautious at the start of his innings and played within himself and adapted well. But once he got in and felt confident, Rohit didn’t hold back. When in full flow, he is tough to stop. He even broke the record for most sixes in a Test match.

Thus, he is one player who can definitely challenge Brian Lara’s record of 400. In fact, the West Indian legend himself says that on his day, Rohit could well be the one to break his record. If he bats in the way he does normally and has a little bit of luck on his side, Rohit could definitely threaten that score of 400.

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