5 Best crowd banners in cricket stadiums

5 Best crowd banners in cricket stadiums

The audience at times motivate their players or engage in hilarious banter with the opposition team through the creative use of banners.

Wife's car banner
Wife’s car banner. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Cricket has come a long way from being a colonial game exclusive to the British elite to a sport which is popular among masses all across the globe in the contemporary world. The populations of all the major cricket playing nations like India, Australia, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh, West Indies any many more are highly devoted to the game. The cricket stadiums all over the world are filled with fans cheering their team for victory.

One of the most significant aspects of cricket is the presence of the crowd in the stadium itself. The volume of spectators in a stadium cheering for a player can often do wonders to his confidence and ultimately, can play a major role in how he fares in the match. On the other hand, booing by a crowd may put a negative impact on a player’s performance or in some cases, motivate him to play well and command the respect of the audience.

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has put the game in a lot of disarrays. One of the major ways in which the virus has infected the cricketing world is in banishing the crowds from the stadiums. In order to prevent the infestation of the virus in the stadiums, all the cricket matches from now on (till the situation is brought under control) will be held behind closed doors.

The audience at times motivate their players or engage in hilarious banter with the opposition team through the creative use of banners. Such witty and playful banners will be missed dearly when the matches are played behind closed doors.

In this article, we will discuss 5 best crowd banners in cricket stadiums till now:

1. Departure details for the Australian cricket team

Indian fan banner
Indian fan banner. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Tensions were rife and stakes were high in the Quarter-final match between India and Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. The match was played in Ahmedabad amidst a huge crowd of Indian supporters. Indians were up against the defending champions and 4 time World Cup winners Australia in a knockout match.

Australia, with a hat-trick of World Cup under their belt, were the dominating force in International cricket at that time. However, the threat which their presence posed to the Indian team was effectively countered by the over enthusiast Indian cricket fans. Despite suffering from a disappointing defeat against South Africa in group stages, fans had full faith in their team and cheered for them with great zeal and zest throughout the match.

One such fan took a hilarious dig at the Aussies by writing their departure schedule on a banner. It mentioned that the passengers (Australians) will depart from India from Ahemdabad on 24th March 2011, which was the date of the match effectively indicating that this match was Australia’s last in the World Cup. The supposed prophecy came true when Australians were knocked out in the match and had to make their journey back home.

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