5 Cricketers who got banned for failing to report fixing approach

Recently, the Shakib Al Hasan episode has yet again put the limelight on the ICC ACU.

Siddharth Trivedi
Siddharth Trivedi. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has got strict laws in place for match-fixing. ICC’s Anti-corruption Unit (ACU) is quite active and is regularly in the hunt for the defaulters. Furthermore, the apex cricket council has laid a 27-page Anti-corruption code that guides it to make the right decisions. Of late, many cricketers have got banned or suspended for their actions with regards to these guidelines.

Recently, the Shakib Al Hasan episode has yet again put the limelight on the ICC ACU. Over the years, several cricketers were either banned or suspended for their involvement in match-fixing. Not just match-fixing but failing to report the fixing approaches is equally a crime. Ever since these laws have been put into place, several cricketers had to face suspensions for failing to inform the fixing approach.

Here are five cricketers who got banned for failing to report an approach by bookmarkers

1. Mohammad Irfan

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan. (Photo by Morne de Klerk/Getty Images)

The tall Pakistan fast bowler, Mohammad Irfan, learnt it the hard way about the consequences of not reporting a fixing approach. In 2017, during the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Irfan failed to report a spot-fixing approach by bookmarkers. Thus, he was slapped with a one-year ban.

Moreover, he was also fine $10,000 after he accepted the charges against him. There were two allegations on him and he accepted his mistake. Also, he asked everyone to pardon him for his failure to report these fixing approaches. Reportedly, the pacer said that he didn’t report the approaches because of a mental disturbance.

This was due to the demise of his mother when he was in Australia earlier. Just a few months before that, he lost his father as well. There were a couple of other Islamabad United players against whom the charges were laid.


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