5 instances when the dearth bowling at death overs was spotted in IPL 2019

5 instances when the dearth bowling at death overs was spotted in IPL 2019

There are various bowlers who can execute their skills under pressure but sometimes even the best cannot stand up for the team and may cost the game.

Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians. (Photo Source: IANS)

India is one of the few countries to have innumerable circus troupes and IPL is definitely one of them as it provides mean entertainment. IPL 2019 started its journey a month ago with various acrobats, clowns and jugglers who displayed their stunts in front of millions. Till now the bicycle and high wire acts, league stage has kept the spectators glued to their seats. Now as the show is entering into its last hour the big cat acts and the wall of death, playoffs is going to make the audience dumbfounded.

Like every season IPL 2019 has taken the white ball cricket to a new level with its action. Even though the league had its share of ups and downs the fans have enjoyed their superstars in full flow. It is the only league in the world where masters are recruited for each stage of the game and death over specialists are one of them. This year, there have been instances when even the masters failed to cope with the pressure.

Here are the five instances when death bowlers got it wrong in IPL 2019

1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar. (Photo: IANS)

Bhuvi has been a trump card for the Hyderabad franchise, as he has pulled off some close games with his death bowling skills. Kumar delivered the first ball of 19th over with a hint of reverse swing but the beast, Russell unleashed his bottom-hand power and the ball rocketed to the mid-wicket fence. The bowler was stunned and the result was a leg-stump full toss which was deposited to the stands. With all his experience Bhuvi bowled a perfect yorker, but the ball was drilled by Andre to the long-off boundary and the crowd went dizzy.

With 14 runs in 3 balls now the WI all-rounder was treating Kumar like a rag doll but the Indian pacer got it right on the fourth ball as he bowled a perfect wide yorker. Russell was waiting for the penultimate ball of the 19th over, and the ball sailed over the long-off stands in the blink of an eye. On the last ball, Russell smartly took a single for retaining the strike for final over. SRH was in disbelief as their best bowler was humbled within an over where he conceded 21 runs.