5 Knocks that metaphorize Matthew Hayden the shrewd hitter

5 Knocks that metaphorize Matthew Hayden the shrewd hitter: Matthew Hayden with a bat wielded between his palms was one of the most frightening prospects for most bowlers. He is one of those gifted players who could play equally proficient cricket in all three forms of the game. Normally it is tough to make appropriate amends in your batting technique so as to be efficacious in handling the red ball, as well be competent in the limited overs format. But for Hayden it is effortlessly easy-peasy. Despite a humble beginning to his career, he rose in stature and matured steadily as a player and eventually reached the summit of cricketing success.

1. 380 off 437 balls v Zimbabwe, 2003:

This was and still is one of the most versatile Test innings of all time. Scoring 380 runs individually demands massive concentration, solid technique and inexorable will to succeed. And Matthew Hayden seemed to possess all of these admirable qualities as he dismantled the Zimbabwean bowling attack with his steady composure and reached the milestone by scoring a single off Ray Price. What is even more fabulous is that he scored those runs at a strike rate of 87. This Hayden innings made its way in the Guiness book of world records.

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