5 Most trolled players on Social Media

5 Most trolled players on Social Media

These are some of the best players for their teams but have felt the heat on social media.

Sarfraz Ahmed
Sarfraz Ahmed. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Cricket is a funny game. Cricket is not only funny in the way it plays on the field but off the field as well. Interviews are limited off the field and social media is the only way players get to express themselves on various matters and that is why it is good for the game. Some unnoticed stats can be brought up to the light as well and what not!

While the internet has proved to be good for cricket, in recent times it has shown that it can have a demoralising effect on the players and especially those who are undergoing a rough patch. This is largely because of the trolls surrounding them which basically aims to strip them off the respect and recognition that they deserve as a player. And the last two years have seen the highest amount of trolls, directed towards a crop of selected players.

Here we bring you five most trolled cricketers on social media:

5. Mushfiqur Rahim (Bangladesh)

Mushfiqur Rahim Chittagong Vikings
Mushfiqur Rahim (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Bangladesh wicket-keeper batsman broke the social media barriers because of his premature celebrations against India. Rahim hit a boundary off the third ball of the final over bowled by Hardik Pandya in 2016 World T20 clash, thus bringing down the equation to 2 off 3. To everyone’s surprise, Rahim got out on the next ball and a dramatic last over finish saw India cross the line in a game that should have resulted in a Bangladesh win.

For obvious reasons, Rahim became the target of many trolls because of his highly energetic celebration before getting out on the next ball and confirming his team’s exit from the tournament. To add to it, Mushfiqur celebrated India’s exit from the same tournament in the semis and posted a tweet about the same. While it made a few angry, many saw the funny side to it.

On March 10 2018, Rahim sealed an improbable win for his side with a blistering 72 off 35 against the hosts, Sri Lanka in the Nidahas Trophy only to break out into an unusual celebration which can be termed as the ‘naagin’ dance which totally sent the social media into splits.

While Mushfiqur did gather a bit of heat owing to the fact that being a senior player, he could have perhaps celebrated in a bit more mature manner, his Naagin Dance did become “a meme for life” in the end. Acts like these make the sport a bit more memorable but the 31-year-old has done well in not crossing the line.

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