5 Reasons why BCCI is the richest Cricket Board

5 Reasons why BCCI is the richest Cricket Board

5 Reasons why BCCI is the richest Cricket Board: As much you try and criticize the BCCI, the bottom line is they have the might and also the money. Or shall we say the might is due to the money. The truth today is international cricket can not survive on the financial front without BCCI’s help. They contribute almost 80% of the Cricket’s global income. It seems that the BCCI has a Midas touch because whatever they do (or don’t do in a few cases) they make huge money. It is difficult to accept that there was a period when the Indian board was not even able to pay their cricketers on time. But how did that revolution come about and what are the factors that contribute to such financial prowess of the BCCI. We list out

5 reasons why the BCCI is the richest Cricket Board

1. IPL – The turning Point

KKR IPL Champions 2014. (Photo Source: BCCI)

The big moment came when in 2008 the Indian Premier League or IPL started and the BCCI started to mint huge chunks of money. It was not as if the Indian board was any less a financial force before but IPL changed the power equations in World Cricket as well. The blend of Bollywood and Cricket was accepted with open arms by the Indian public which meant stadiums being full and Television sponsorship taking off in a substantial manner. The IPL also brought about a greater scope for corporate money flow and business giants taking interest in Cricket far more than they did earlier. After 7 successful years the lucrative cash rich league has ensured that India is a commercial superpower in world cricket.