5 Reasons why Don Bradman Cricket 14 game is the best ever

The game has been trending and the fans seem to love it.

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Don Bradman cricket 2014. (Photo Source: Tru Blu Entertainment)

Premium cricket games are very few in numbers as compared to other sports like Football, Boxing, and Basketball. The gamers endured a dry spell for quite a while after the big success of EA Cricket 2007 which kept them busy for years. However, the wait for a fantastic game ended when Big Ant Studios came up with Don Bradman 14 in April 2014. It was originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in various countries. But then it was also upgraded for the platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One much to the joy of their fans.

Meanwhile, so many games came into the market but none of them could lure the gamers like Don Bradman Cricket 14. The sequel of this game named as Don Bradman 17 was also released on 16 December 2016 but it could match the popularity of its first edition. The wide range of features provided in this game has made it one of the best if not, the best game ever in the modern world.

Here we present you 5 reasons which have made Don Bradman Cricket 14 game the best:

1. Inclusion of Decision Review System (DRS)

Virat Kohli cricket technology
Indian skipper Virat Kohli takes an unsuccessful review. (Photo Source: Twitter)

International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced the improved version of DRS a few years ago and the developers have not missed to include it in the game. DB Cricket 14 comes up with the exciting feature of the DRS. Now the user can review the decision if they are not happy with it. The decision of the umpires could be challenged twice in an innings and then the right call will be made with the help of hotspot, hawk-eye and even snicko meter. All the user has to do is press the D-pad on the controller, and wait for the DRS to work its magic.

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