5 Richest cricketers in 2021

5 Richest cricketers in 2021

The top three people on the list are Indian cricketers.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Being a cricketer is not everybody’s piece of cake and this is why we see only a handful of names making it to the big platform in a country where every other boy dreams to represent his nation at one point. However, as the cricketer’s journey progresses, a lot of glamour, fame, wealth and starts pouring in. Every national-level cricketer earns good enough from the game to spend the rest of his life luxuriously.

However, they do indulge in various endorsements and many other things to inculcate multiple sources of income. Apart from commercials, many cricketers started their own clothing brand, shoe brand and have gone to open stores for the same across cities. In India, the game of cricket is no less than religion and that is why the salary of cricketers is too hefty to believe. Talking as of 2021, let’s take a look at some of the wealthiest cricketers across the globe.

5 Richest cricketers in 2021

5. Brian Lara- INR 454 Crores

Brian Lara
Brian Lara. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In a sparkling career that spanned from 1990-2007, Lara dominated the cricketing world like a King. His bat spoke too much on several occasions and went on to clinch a bag full of records on his name.

However, Lara earned crazy money during his prime days and his current net worth is whopping INR 454 Crores. After cricket, Lara kept trying his hands at golf which is another luxurious sport, and bagged much success there as well. His home in Trinidad is another piece of luxury he has.

Talking about his endorsements, he was long associated with Tyre brand MRF who would have paid him a hefty amount. He is popularly known as ‘Prince of Port of Spain’ or simply ‘Prince.’

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