7 Cricketers and their batting averages before and after marriage

7 Cricketers and their batting averages before and after marriage

The concept of lady luck is not new. For the cricketers too, their partners have often brought luck. In a very hilarious and a unique analysis shown in the pre-match show Extraaa Innings T20 during the IPL, the averages of cricketers before and after their marriage was compared.

The most noticeable thing is the list was that for some cricketers, the averages leapfrogged to a new high while others saw a serious dip in form. Marriage has not just seen a positive impact but it has been otherwise as well.

Then there were a few who fell in the league of indifference too. The players in the list include some of the biggest names in international cricket. Read on to find who fall in which category:

1. Shane Watson:

Shane Watson
Shane Watson. (© Getty Images)

Shane Watson, the former Australian batsman, had an indifferent career pre and post his marriage. Watson, who currently plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League, averaged 40.64 in One Day Internationals before his marriage.

There was a slight dip, almost negligible, in his ODI average after he got marriage to his wife Lee Furlong in 2010. The average dipped just 0.20 points to 40.44.

However, his Test average fell significantly from 39.43 prior to his marriage to 33.52 after he got married. Watson certainly didn’t have the best of times in the longest format post marriage.

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