8 Wrong footed bowlers - The most bizarre bowling actions

8 Wrong footed bowlers – The most bizarre bowling actions

8 Wrong footed bowlers – The most bizarre bowling actions: Although the bowling style of every bowler differs from the other but they do have a few similarities. Only a few of them have a totally unique, unorthodox bowling action. Some resemble an octopus at the point of release, while others look skyward and howl at the moon. Some also have an action defying medical as well as cricket manuals. There have been many strange bowling actions to have graced the game of cricket but the most peculiar ones are of those who bowl off the wrong foot.

Here is a list of 9 Wrong footed bowlers- The most bizarre bowling actions:

1. Colin Craft:

(Photo Source : PA Photos)
(Photo Source : PA Photos)

Croft was a former West Indian fast bowler of the late 70s and early 80s. One of the most deceiving run ups in cricket came from this West Indies fast bowler. He would run up to a wide angle at the crease and then release the ball inward bang onto the stumps or more so, in to the batsman. He was known to be quite an aggressive pacer who inflicted pain on his opponents.

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