9 Cricketers and their stunning WAGs

Here is the list of some of the hottest WAGs of cricketers.

Martin Guptill
Martin Guptill with his wife Laura Mc Goldrick. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Cricket enthusiasts, idolize our favourite cricketers. In order to emulate these icons, the fans keep a tab on anything and everything that is going on in their lives. It has become much easier now with the advent of social media. We can know when Indian skipper Virat Kohli is on a trip with his lady love Anushka Sharma through an Instagram upload.

Through the same medium, Harbhajan Singh conveys that he is incomplete without his wife Geeta Basra and daughter. Hence, not only the cricketers but the fans also follow the players’ wives and girlfriends. The better halves sit in the VIP area with a nervous look on their faces praying for their men to do well.

The wives and girlfriends add to the glitz and glamour of the modern day entertaining brand of cricket. Here’s a list of Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs) of cricketers who simply add to the hotness quotient with their stunning looks.

1. Mayanti Langer- Stuart Binny’s wife

Stuart Binny
Stuart Binny holidaying with this wife Mayanti in Vietnam. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Any such list is incomplete without Mrs Binny. Her husband may not have nailed in the Indian cricket team, but Mayanti is present in most of the series. The most loved sports presenter on Indian TV started her career covering football. Later, she shifted her focus on cricket and that’s when she encountered Stuart.

The bold and brave woman has always hit back at critics who try often to troll her spouse on social media. Her style and wardrobe on air are as much talked as well and recently, she grabbed the limelight for wearing a specially styled skirt during the Champions Trophy 2017 in England.

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