ACA calls for reduction in ban periods of disgraced trio

"Out of the dozen or so matter of this type, the most severe suspension to this day has been a ban for two ODIs," ACA noted.

Steve Smith & Cameron Bancroft News - Deep Dasgupta
Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft of Australia. (Photo by Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

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The Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) have come in support of the disgraced Australian trio in the Sanpaper gate. Cricket Australia had handed severe impositions on Steve Smith, David Warner, and Cameron Bancroft for their involvement in the ball tampering case. While the former two were handed a ban of one year, Bancroft got a ban of nine months.

Now, the ACA faced the media to speak on the issue. Over the years, the association has been voicing the concerns of the cricketers. They were highly active when the Australian cricketers fought against the structure of the revenue model of the CA.

As per the quotes in Sportswallah, the President of the association has opined that the CA were forced to quick conclusions following the pressure of the media and the fans. He put forth five key points in the support of the disgraced trio as he batted for the reduction of the bans of the three players.

The Five Big Points

The ACA president cited that this was not the first instance of such violation. And in all the previous such violations, the most severe punishment was a ban of two matches. Also, most of the impositions were just in line with the rules of the ICC. Thus, this particular imposition of a one year ban is not justified. The ICC had handed Steve Smith a ban of one Test.

Furthermore, he cited that the CA must take into account that the players have shown great courage to admit their offenses in the media. They are going through a very tough phase and such impositions will only break them down even further.

“Out of the dozen or so matter of this type, the most severe suspension to this day has been a ban for two ODIs, the most expensive fine has been 100% of the match fee. The informed conclusion is that as the proposed penalties are disproportionate relative to precedent. Second, the grading and sanction proposed were significantly higher than that applied by the ICC following the game,” ACA President Greg Dyer quoted.

“Third, the contrition shown by these men is extraordinary, absolute extraordinary. They are distressed phases have sent a message across the world as effective as any sanction could ever be. I think Australia cried with Steve Smith last Thursday. I know, I certainly did. We asked for this extraordinary contrition to be taken into account by cricket Australia just as it would be any fair proper process,” Dyer noted.

Rushed conclusions

Commenting further on the similar lines, the ACA President putforth two more points. He reiterated that the CA rushed to their conclusions. They should have conducted a detailed investigations before taking a severe call. Lastly, the pressure that was on the players from the leadership group must also be taken in to the account.

“Fourth, I think a fair question. Was proper followed after the day’s play on March 24. The proper process was to allow time to consider the charges placed by umpires or the match referee and to seek proper advice, instead they were rushed to a press conference minutes after leaving the field to face the world ‘s media and make rushed statements and admissions,” he mentioned.

“Fifth, the pressure the players were under which not an excuse ofcourse but it is relevant. Yes, this should have been endured, especially by the leadership but we believe it also is relevant to the severity,” Dyer conceded.

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