Arhhan Singh’s family traumatized after garbage fiasco

Elizabeth also mentioned the manner in which she would have reacted.

Arhhan Singh and Gittanjali Elizabeth
Arhhan Singh and Gittanjali Elizabeth. (Photo Source: Facebook)

A few days ago, a video went viral on the internet where Anushka Sharma was seen bashing a person, who was dumping garbage on the road. The Bollywood actress instructed the perpetrator to put the same in a dustbin. Virat Kohli, the skipper of the Indian cricket team, posted the video of the incident following which there were mixed reactions for the couple from the nook and corner of the country.

The incident didn’t halt there and took an ugly note when the person, who was later identified as Arhhan Singh, took to Facebook and criticized them for their undesired behavior. Her mother also hurled allegations at Virat Kohli and his wife for acting in a hostile manner. Meanwhile, the family of Arhhan is traumatized following the happening and they minced no words while expressing their despair.


“We’re going through a nightmare” Arhhan’s mother

“What happened was a genuinely unfortunate incident. That, however, did not warrant a video recording without my consent and public bashing. I come from a non-controversial and peace-loving family, but this incident and the threats that have followed have endangered my life and left me and my family shaken. My family members and I are living in fear of our safety,” Arhaan told to Mid-Day.

“We’re going through a nightmare. The kind of threatening and derogatory comments against my son and family have been traumatising…How can a tiny piece of cellophane justify my son being labelled as a “garbage man” “litterer” “criminal” “he and his family should be kicked out of the country”, etc. How is this fair?” Gittanjali Elizabeth, Arhhan’s mother added.

Virat and Anushka haven’t reacted to the stern words just yet. Elizabeth also mentioned the manner in which she would have reacted had she been in place of the actress. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t have left their family to public hatred.

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