Bangladesh pacer Shahadat Hossain faces suspension from NCL after assault on teammate

He was charged with a Level 4 offence in the BCB’s Code of Conduct.

Shahadat Hossain
Shahadat Hossain. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

Shahadat Hossain, the long-discarded Bangladesh fast bowler, has been banned from playing in the ongoing edition of the National Cricket League. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) took immediate action against him after he physically assaulted Arafat Sunny. It happened during the second day’s play between Dhaka Division and Khulna Division at the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium in Khulna.

As per reports, Arafat said that Shahadat was not competent to shine one side of the leather. It angered the speedster enough to charge at Sunny before the players came to restore sanity. It is now understood that the 33-year-old may face a one-year ban for his behaviour.


An official from the BCB tournament committee stated that Shahadat had been called back from Khulna. The pacer accepted the charges, which are deemed as a Level 4 offence in the BCB’s Code of Conduct. The technical committee will now take a call on his future.

Shahadat Hossain accepted the verdict and returned back home

“Under the level four offenses a player will be banned from participating in any BCB competition for one year while he will be slapped with a fine of Tk 50,000,” the official was quoted as saying in Cricbuzz.

“Shahadat accepted the verdict and returned back home. We have given the report of the match referee to the technical committee and they will decide his future but he has been barred of taking part in this NCL game,” the official added.

Akhtar Ahmed, the match referee, mentioned that he has given his report to the BCB after the incident. He said that the gesture from Shahadat was far from being only bad as the veteran kicked his teammates. Akhtar has left it up to the board to decide on Shahadat’s future.

Shahadat Hossain also knows that he made the error, but couldn’t bear Sunny’s attitude towards him, which he found to be degrading.

“I am not playing in the ongoing NCL match as I am suspended and I am not sure what will happen in future. It is true that I lost my temper but he also misbehaved with me as he refused to shine the ball and when I asked why he answered in a tone that was degrading and difficult for me to digest,” the Dhaka-born Shahadat said.

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