Best Injured XI among current players

Best Injured XI among current players

For all our beloved speedsters, injuries are inevitably their best bunnies.

Andre Russell
Andre Russell. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Well, in today’s age of cricket, injures are very common and uncertain. As a player, if you are overexerting or are underwhelmed with game time, you are bound to break your body. In fact for the multi-format players, their on-field playing time is strictly now determined by the injury or workload management procedures.

However, if a particular level of injury is chronic and interminable then having hiatuses in your career is also a regular affair. For example, in Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s case, the pacer is known to have a frail lower body that possibly has ended his Test career. Perhaps for all our beloved speedsters, injuries are inevitably their best bunnies.

Hence in this list, let’s make the best-injured XI amongst a current lot of players in international cricket

1. Rohit Sharma (c)

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma. (Photo by Pankaj Nangia/Getty Images)

For Rohit Sharma, his lower body hasn’t been in the best of shape since 2020. In the past two years, the 34-year old has unfortunately plagued himself either with hamstring or calf issues. Initially while playing the 2020 T20I series in NZ, Rohit had injured his calf while taking a run in the 5th game. Though the issue was perceived to be minor, the cricketer woefully then missed the entire tour.

However, later on, after the pandemic, the IPL 2020 again made hitman injury prone. In the midseason of MI’s campaign, Rohit sustained a hamstring tear that regrettably made him miss the entire white-ball and two red-ball games in Australia. Perhaps his initial omission from the tour itself became a controversial point especially considering his presence in the IPL 2020 knockouts.

Nevertheless, even recently while playing the Test series in England, Rohit had discomfort in his left knee and was assumed to opt-out of the final Test. All in all, with the batter now again pertaining to a similar issue it certainly infects the longevity of his remaining career.