Birthday Bombs: Vinod Kambli turns 46

Birthday Bombs: Vinod Kambli turns 46

Kambli better known for his unrealized 'talent' and being Sachin's best mate has been a fodder for trolls on social media.

Vinod Kambli
Vinod Kambli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

While a lot of batsmen from Mumbai have served India for a long time with distinction, the city also have this tendency to produce a few “talented” batsmen whose “talent” becomes a butt of jokes as they progress in their careers and when one thinks about the legacy of such players, the first name which comes to mind is Vinod Kambli.

Kambli was a batsman with a “Wow” factor about him and almost everyone who saw him play as a kid was convinced that he would reach heights in his cricketing career, but he eventually turned out to be wannabe Bollywood actor and a Television expert passing exaggerated comments in the studios of Hindi news channels. As the legendary left-hander turns 46 today, we bring to you some of the fun-facts describing his career-

#1 Drama Queen

The 1996 World Cup semi-final happened over a decade ago Kambli has still not moved on. Whenever he gets the opportunity, he goes on a ranting spree on Television stressing that the game was fixed and some of the Indian players betrayed the nation that day.

However, the difference now is that while Kambli tries hard to cry on Television as well, the tears don’t quite flow with the same fluency as they did on that doomed day.

Here is an interview where he is talking about that game fully charged up, looking really pained, blaming people left right and centre, but still not a drop of tear, not a single drop (you watch closely). Lack of glycerine maybe?

Well if you think we are trying to make fun of Kambli’s emotions, we are actually not. If you go till the end of this interview, he says “ahead of the toss in the 1996 World Cup semi-final, our openers were padded up, but the captain surprised all of us by opting to field first.”

Let alone what the captain’s decision was, how did the openers know in the first place that the captain would “necessarily” win the toss and they would be batting so they were ready with their pads on?

Kambli (as usual) trolled himself there. He is a self-reliant troll.

Here is the video:

#2 Mood swings

The day Sachin Tendulkar retired from international cricket, Kambli showered praises on the master blaster saying “Mera Yaar aaj cricket chhod k jaa raha hai, mai ye drushya dekh nahi sakta (my friend is leaving the game, I can’t see this). He thanked Sachin for all the memories and called him one of the greatest batsmen of the game.

But just a few days later, Kambli’s mood swung. What happened is that Sachin invited each one of his past and present teammates in his farewell party, but forgot to invite Kambli.

That hurt Kambli. He was ranting about it again on TV with a stone face.

#3 I am alive!

Tagging wrong handles and username is quite common on Twitter, but it’s surely not funny when you mistakenly tag a person and convey condolences for his death when he is alive and somebody else has died.

It happened with Kambli and it’s really condemnable. People tagged Kambli’s Twitter handle when the late actor Vinod Khanna passed away. Somebody actually did it by mistake for the starters, but then people started doing it for fun.

That really pissed him off. He blocked everyone who did that to him and cursed them as well saying that the Almighty is watching everything from up above and he would hand them severe punishment for this.

Here are a couple of tweets:

And here is Kambli’s response to one such tweet:

#4 Dweets

The kind of frustration Vinod Kambli lives his life with, alcohol is always a great remedy, but once the alcohol goes inside your body, touching your phone and logging into your Twitter account is a big NO NO.

Kambli clearly forgot that rule during an IPL 2015 match as he sent a series of tweets from his official Twitter handle insulting some of the former cricketers who were commentating on the game.

How do we know those were Dweets (Drunk Tweets)? Well we are actually trying to defend Kambli with this because if they weren’t Dweets, Kambli was surely in need of a psychiatrist.

Here are those tweets which he later deleted:

“Siddhu sirf saayri mein busy hai.comments koun karegaa mera baap .himmat hai toh siddhu ko bolo mera sammna kare.iski toh kar donga mein”

“Pakistani ko har channel mein lekar aatey ho.aarey unse kaho unke channel mein Humko gaali dete hai.Hai hai Pakistan.zindabad Hindustan”

“Abhey mein rameez or sohaib se naaraz nahin ho aapne joh Uun Pakistani koh aapnaye hai joh Humko gaali dekar humsien he Paisa lete hai”

The other morning Kambli put up an apology tweet saying it was his friend and not him who was posting those tweets and that he “fired” his friend.

Social media pounced on it and Kambli was brutally trolled again as he always does:



Disclaimer: All the characters, story, content is work of fiction and meant for entertainment purpose only.