Virat Kohli Breaks another Sachin Tendulkar Record & This Time in Test Matches |

Virat Kohli edges past another Sachin Tendulkar record

Virat scored his 21st Test hundred today in the 2nd Test against South Africa.

Virat Kohli Century |
Virat Kohli celebrates his hundred. (Photo Source: Twitter)

You often tend to fall short of words when talking about Virat Kohli. Maybe, all the adjectives in a dictionary have already been employed to describe what a genius this man is. Some love him for all his heroics and aggression on the field. Some hate him for all that he achieved at such a young age. Be it fans or haters, when Virat yields those beautiful shots off his willow- all that you can do is stand and applaud. Such has been the greatness of this legend.

Virat has been scoring runs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner over the last 24 months. His consistency with the bat is just phenomenal and mind-boggling. He sets for himself high standards on the field and his ‘never-say-never’ attitude helps him stand apart from other players.

After a rare failure in the first Test against South Africa, he made a come back with his 21st century on day 3 of the second Test. All his team-mates have failed to capitalize on whatever starts they got. But the man rolled his sleeve up and told himself that he would not let his team down.

Virat stabilized the Indian innings- what seemed to be a possible batting collapse at one stage. He dug deep into his inner reservoir of mental strength and fortitude- which he has in plenty- to produce the goods when his country needed him the most. He scored close to 50% of the team’s total which is a remarkable effort.

Sachin’s record broken

Virat seems to be on a voyage to break all of those records in the last couple of years. Five years ago, no one would have thought that the great Sachin Tendulkar‘s record will ever be broken. But Virat turned the all the expectations upside-down and is inching towards shattering every possible record.

With this century, the 29-year-old became the second Indian cricket team captain after Sachin to score a Test hundred in South Africa. Kohli is now the fourth fastest batsman to reach the 21-century mark in Test cricket, reaching the milestone in 109 innings. He pushed Tendulkar down to the fifth position. The master blaster took 110 innings to reach the mark.

He is second only to the great Sunil Gavaskar among the Indians. However, the fastest to get there is Sir Donald Bradman. He has got there in an insane 56 innings. Recently, Steve Smith also made an entry to this list. He is the third-fastest and has got there in 105 innings.

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