Brothers by name - 16 Cricketers sharing the same name

Brothers by name – 16 Cricketers sharing the same name

These players usually play for different teams but their first or last name matches.

Zaheer Khan
Zaheer Khan. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Brothers, friends, partners and rivals, cricketers share several relationships with their teammates as well as the opponents beyond boundaries. But many cricketers share the same name, with their teammates, their opponents across the teams and with legends from some other era.

These players usually play for different teams but their first or last name matches. Their specialism and cricketing role might differ but their name unites them in the game. Here is a list of Brothers by name – 16 Cricketers sharing the same name:

1. Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Marsh, Mitchell McClenaghan and Mitchell Santner:

Mitchell Johnson. (Photo by Getty Images)

After the era of Michaels, Allans and Davids, Mitch is the new stock of the cricket community. All of these five Mitchells are not just another players but the stars of the cricketing world. “Is Mitchell the most favourite first name for babies in Australia?” – A viewer asked Shane Warne during India’s tour of Australia, with the three Mitchells (Johnson, Starc and Marsh) in the Aussies side.

Mitchell Johnson is the Sylvestor Satallone of fast bowling, whereas Starc is the Bruce Lee with technique, skills but equally deadly outcome, both are but a nightmare for the bowlers. The newest addition in the Kangaroos, Marsh is the Brad Pitt of the side. Working his way both with the bat and the ball. However, the eye-stealing look is what the trio have in common.

The other two, Mitchell McClenaghan and Santner are the members of the Black Caps, McClenaghan is the experienced face of the team, a prominent name in the bowling department. Satner, on the other hand is a rather new member and an all-rounder who was welcomed with high expectations.

2. Andrew Flintoff, Andrew Strauss and Andrew Symonds:

Andrew Flintoff
Andrew Flintoff. (© Getty Images)

The arch-rivals of cricket Australia and England have the name Andrew in common. Andrew Strauss the captain of England team was one the most successful captains, with modest, ethical and decenct being the words that describes him the best. He is in contrast with the other two cricketers sharing his first name.

Flintoff, an all-rounder, favourite and also the skipper of the English team got into troubles for his behavior outside the cricket grounds. His figures though tell the tale of his performance on field, making him one of the best all-rounders of the England team.

Andrew Symonds, a product of the Australian trait of brashness like others, on field tiffs were a common site when he was on the field. Symonds was a hitter he could treat any ball to the boundary. He was on the same page with his name sharer Flintoff when it comes to getting into controversies. The trio was a show to watch on the field.

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