Chris Cairns suffers paralysis in legs following major heart surgery

Chris Cairns suffers paralysis in legs following major heart surgery

He has returned to his home in Canberra but remains in serious condition.

Chris Cairns
Chris Cairns. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns is going through some tough times in terms of his health. He underwent an emergency heart surgery in Sydney and was on life support. However, last week he was off life support and had started to communicate with his family as well. Cairns has returned his home to Canberra but his recovery will take some time now.

It has been understood that during the heart surgery, the former all-rounder suffered a stroke in his spine and it resulted in paralysis in his legs. He remains in a serious condition currently and will undergo rehabilitation at a spinal specialist hospital in Australia.

Chris Cairns’ lawyer Aaron Lloyd issued a statement on Friday while informing the media on the cricketer’s latest condition. He also noted that the Cairns family is appreciative of all the support they are getting during this time while stating that further update on Chris’ health will be given as and when required. Lloyd made it clear that the road to recovery is a long one for now.

“During the life saving emergency heart surgery Chris underwent in Sydney he suffered a stroke in his spine. This has resulted in paralysis in his legs. As a result he will be undertaking a significant rehabilitation process at a specialist spinal hospital in Australia.

Chris and his family remain appreciative of the immense public support as they deal with this difficult time. They also appreciate the way in which their privacy has been respected.,” the statement read according to

Chris and his family to spend crucial time together

Chris Cairns and his family is now looking forward to spend some quality time together even the former recovers from the his paralysis. Chris and his wife Melanie stay in Canberra and the couple has two young children. “Chris and his family now want to focus on spending time together where possible and making whatever progress they can in his recovery. We will update everyone when there is more news, but that is likely to be some time away,” the statement further read.