COVID-19 forces scrapping of Over-50s Cricket World Cup

COVID-19 forces scrapping of Over-50s Cricket World Cup

The players will stay in the Cape Town hotel until arrangements for their repatriation have been made.

India Over-50s
India Over-50s. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The coronavirus outbreak has put an end to the Over-50s Cricket World Cup in Cape Town. The deadly virus has resulted in either postponement or the cancellation of a number of sporting tournaments across the globe and the Over-50s CWC also had to face its wrath. The event was taking place in Cape Town, South Africa from March 11 onwards.

The organising committee of the World Cup zeroed in on the decision during the third round of matches which were called off after the first innings. Seven of the 11 visiting sides have been residing in the same hotel where precautions have been taken. They will stay in Cape Town until arrangements for their repatriation have been made.

There was a great desire to continue the World Cup

“It is a public health risk decision. The decision was taken for the protection of the players, given their age demographic, but also for the local population given that 95% of known cases in South African have come from travellers,” Dr Parag Pandya, the head of the tournament’s medical committee, was quoted as saying in Inside Sport.

India, Wales, Namibia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Pakistan and England were the 12 participating nations in the tournament, hosted by the Veterans Cricket Association of South Africa. The authorities tried their best to get going, but had to bow down to the adversity of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The decision was taken by the organising and medical committees but it is fully endorsed by the sponsors. There was a great desire to continue but, in the end, it became apparent that cancellation was the right thing to do,” Evergreen Lifestyle spokesman Arthur Case stated.

The Over-50s World Cup was divided into two Groups- A and B. Each of them had six teams each. From Group A, Australia and New Zealand were going great guns with victories in both their respective matches. In Group B, Pakistan and South Africa had two triumphs each.

Sri Lanka and West Indies disappointed the most from Group A with losses in both their fixtures. In Group B, India and Namibia failed to open their account after their two games.